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Collection Solutions

A novel method of quick and easy saliva collection for rapid tests or lab testing...

Instant Data

Quantitative results in a matter of minutes for a range of biomarkers in saliva, perfect for sport, corporate and military monitoring...

Why Saliva/Oral Fluid

With many of the analytes IPRO has developed, or is developing, no standard norms exist and with athletes normative data...


Laboratory testing is available for large numbers of samples, a service often used by universities in research projects...

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IPRO Interactive | Individual Monitoring

Because Everybody's Different

Welcome to IPRO Interactive.
IPRO Interactive is a UK based company developing rapid diagnostic products for use in a variety of applied settings. Originally set up to assist the sports world in giving immediate information to athletes, coaches and sports scientists, the product range has also been found useful by researchers and applied workers in the fields of health and exercise, behavioural sciences, the corporate world, military and the wider medical community, amongst several others.

IPRO specialises in the quantitive non-invasive determination of a range of analytes in saliva giving information about the health and well-being of individuals. IPRO is the first company in the world to have developed real-time analysis in such analytes, giving immediate results enabling instant practical decisions to be made in the applied setting. No more taking samples, posting them to the laboratory and waiting for the results.

IPRO also has a fully functional laboratory for the processing of saliva samples.

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